Wedding & Event Styling

What is an event stylist? A common misconception about event stylists is that they are event planners. While some tasks may overlap, an event planner is responsible for the overall organisation of your day, whereas an event stylist is focused on all of the aesthetics of you day ~ all those details and thoughtful touches which inspire, delight, and transform a space into a beautiful experience. An event stylist is perfect for someone who wants a professional to advise on, design and execute their beautiful vision.

Our design aesthetic is clean, modern and luxurious in it’s details, with a special focus on experience-driven designs that evoke joy, ambience and a sense of occasion. We specialise in transforming spaces to reflect your personalities, taste and the theme of your event, whilst drawing out and enhancing the beauty of your venue.

As event stylists, we believe that details and planning are key. We walk you through ideas, options and budget, take care of all the logistics, and are there to coordinate your styling set up on the day. But most importantly, we want to curate a beautiful, memorable event with meaning by capturing what you value the most.